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Home Composting: Make Great Quality Soil Your Plants Will Love

Home composting gets a bad rep; you may have experienced rodents, odors, run into problems with the final product, or met other deterrents. But composting at home can be easier (and more pleasant) than you’ve heard!
Join Dane from GreenerFarms as he leads you through the making of a miniature compost pile in this home composting workshop. Together, you’ll troubleshoot the beginning
stages of your home compost system, break down the carbon (brown materials) and nitrogen (green materials) used for your pile, how to water and aerate your compost, and you’ll even take home a compost “starter” that you can use to establish a healthy environment for microbes in your first pile. After this one-hour workshop, you’ll be making nutrient-rich “black gold” for your garden in no time!
What is composting?
Composting is the process where microbes and fungi work to break down food scraps and other organic materials to create a nutrient-rich soil amendment known as compost. Composting helps
to keep our food out of the landfill while the finished product acts as a carbon sink, helps retain moisture in our gardens, while also providing balanced nutrients for our soil and plants.
(includes a bag of worm compost/compost starter)
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Apr 15 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am


The Cheese Bar
25 Amy Croft Drive, Lakeshore, ON, Canada